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Trip to Turkey

Trip to Turkey

Mehmet and I just returned from our wonderful trip to Turkey.  While I had planned/hoped to have plenty of blog posts ready and scheduled to publish while we were gone, unfortunately that was not the case.  And I figured of course I would have a recipe post ready to share by today, the end of our first week back, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet either. I did want to share something this week, and wanted to get back to the party at Fiesta Friday hosted this week by Zeba and Jhuls.  So, instead, I decided I share a post about the many wonderful meals we had on our trip.


We spent theBozcaada Beach majority of our trip on the Turkish island of Bozcaada.  Bozcaada in general was just an absolute dream!  The island is full of beautiful beaches with amazingly clear water.  The food on the island was just as wonderful.  When we’d need a break to eat from lounging on the Ayazma beach we’d often visit Vahit’in Yeri.  They serve up practically every Turkish dish and snack you could want along with a HUGE seafood variety.  Our favorites were the lamb chops and the calamari (not pictured because we gobbled it down too fast)!


Lamb Chops

We ate another wonderfully memorable meal at Maya Bozcaada.  Maya offered homemade wine, cheeses and breads along with a never ending selection of wonderful meats.  The chef takes extreme pride in the food he serves his customers and it truly shows.  One of my favorite parts of Bozcaada is the abundance of animals.  At Maya we were greeted by this cat who was quite skilled at being adorable enough to get us all to feed her a little.


Although every meal we ate in Bozcaada is worth sharing, I think the best meals we ate were at our hotel, Aral Tatil Ciftligi.  This is the best place to stay if you’re visiting Bozcaada.  The hotel is on a farm with chickens, ducks and even a peacock running around!  I don’t know about your, but it’s basically my dream to wake up and see a chicken right outside my door!  One of the best things about Aral Tatil Ciftligi is the amazing daily breakfast.  Your day will start off with a vast selection of cheeses, vegetables, grapes, olives and wonderful fresh breads.  There is an unimaginable selection of honey and jams to accompany your breads, and of course Turkish tea and coffee.Turkish Breakfast

Aral Breakfast

Ducks at Breakfast


Another favorite of ours from Aral Tatil Ciftligi was gozleme, a Turkish flatbread snack filled with cheese.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting a recipe for this soon because I definitely need to learn to make this myself!




Of course, I can’t finish this post without also sharing some of the amazing meals we ate in Istanbul.  I truly think Turkey does not get enough credit for their amazing bakeries.  We visited Baylan, where we shared deserts that were as delicious and they were beautiful, all with a picturesque view of the Bosphorus.

Baylan Istanbul

We concluded our trip with a romantic dinner at Sunset Bar and Grill.  Sunset has an amazing view and our meal was absolutely perfect, from the inventive cocktails, to the delightful entrees and the breathtaking desserts.

Sunset Bar and Grill Cocktails

Sunset Bar and Grill Dessert

There is truly no shortage of amazing food to be had during a trip to Turkey.  From amazing homemade meals to all of the wonderful restaurants, a trip to Turkey is a vacation you can definitely eat your way through!