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Where we eat
  • Trip to Turkey Gozleme

    Mehmet and I just returned from our wonderful trip to Turkey.  While I had planned/hoped to have plenty of blog posts ready and scheduled to publish while we were gone, unfortunately that was not the case.  And I figured of course I would have a recipe post ready to share […]

  • Nashville Round Up – Best Places to Eat and See

    I strongly believe that the mark of a good trip is not wanting to leave, and that’s definitely how we felt about our recent trip to Nashville.  Mehmet recently had to go to Nashville for work for a few days, and I tagged along to check out the city out while he […]

  • Turkish Food in Philadelphia – Isot Mediterranean Cuisine TurksWhoEat - adana kebab, bulgar, salad, vegetables

    Although nothing can beat the Turkish food we share with family and friends when we visit Istanbul, whenever we’re travelling we try to find a well rated Turkish restaurant in the area and give it a try.  During our weekend in Philadelphia we visited Isot Mediterranean Cuisine.  Isot is tucked […]

  • A Weekend in Philadelphia – More than Cheesesteaks! TurksWhoEat - DiNics Roast Pork

    It seems fitting to start this blog off talking about one of the most influential places in our lives, Philadelphia.  Mehmet spent 12 years living in Philly, and it’s where we first met.  Even though it’s only a short drive from DC, we don’t go back nearly as often as […]